Alpine Cheer Soap

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Alpine Cheer Soap
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This goat's milk soap contains the festive notes of fir needle, cinnamon stick, cranberries, crisp apple and cedar wood, all inspired by the Asheville, North Carolina Friday Night Drum Circle., where a community of strangers comes together and creates a festive and vivid night of excitement and rhythm.

To explore more of Asheville’s Friday Night Drum Circle and the incredible atmosphere that creates an amazing place to experience, visit our Enhance Store (link store) and purchase our Spring 2017 Asheville Edition of Enhance magazine.

All of our goat’s milk is obtained from a little homestead in Atchison, Kansas called Providence Hill Farm. To learn more about Providence Hill Farm and its amazing owner, Christy Harris, visit our Enhance Store (link store) and purchase our Atchison Special Edition. 

Ingredients: Each batch is handcrafted with coconut oil, rice oil, olive oil, locally-sourced goat's milk, distilled water, lye, essential oil(s), sodium lactate and mica-based pigment or natural colorants (such as paprika).

Our bars are individually handcrafted; no two bars are exactly alike. (1) The weight of our bars are based on mold capacity, not weight after curing (although it’s very close and varies by only grams per bar). (2) The safety of this product has been determined by manufacturing and outside test sampling with zero percent negative reaction; however, please read the ingredients closely and use on your own accord. (3) Shower Bar - Approximately 5 oz. / Hand-Soap Bar (sold as a set) Approximately 1.8 oz each

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