• The Bear Necessities

          A cute and catchy tag, wouldn’t you agree? There is much more to this tag line though. You see, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge (TCWR) recently rescued several bears and, while the bears currently enjoy temporary habitats on the property, they are patiently waiting for TCWR associates to complete their forever homes at the Refuge. A larger living area - 140,000 square feet larger - is what these bears can expect. But, while Turpentine does have the land, help is needed to supply building materials, food, and other bare necessities.

         TCWR created The Bear Necessities fundraising campaign to help raise the funds. Immersion Connection's Empower division would like you to join us in helping with the fundraising efforts. We are offering several shirts for purchase (v-neck option available!), with all of the net proceeds going to the Bear Necessities campaign. To view these shirts visit our Empower store here

    Written by: Tracy McKee

          For additional options to support TCWR, please visit their website directly at www.turpentinecreek.org.   

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