• To our friends in Atchison...

    Sometimes we are pulled to a place that inspires us, but we aren’t exactly sure why. Maybe it’s because of the landscape, a concept, the rich history — or if you get lucky — it’s the amazing people that you know exist within the community.

    This last July our team had the amazing opportunity to visit the Atchison community. We toured local farms, famous haunted attractions, and cemeteries where past residents have been lovingly laid to rest. And we had the fortune of eating at all of the recommended locally-owned restaurants: Daisy’s, Paolucci’s, Mullers, and our favorite, Snowballs. We also attended the town’s annual festive celebrations and award ceremonies. But more than the ice-cream and trolleys, we were greeted as friends by truly wonderful and generous people.

    When we first decided to highlight Atchison in our preview issue, we were nervous about featuring such a small community and having enough material to fill an entire issue. This turned out to be a needless worry. In the end, the problem was reducing the content to make it fit because there were so many wonderful things to share!

    Our mission is to share the stories that push individuals forward to create the change our world needs. We look for the stories that inspire people to make a difference, create change, and bring a sense of cohesion to the world. We want to share the stories that focus on our reality, the struggles and successes that move others to take action, and the issues that face our world today.

    The more my team and I learned and experienced in this community, the more we wanted to learn and share. To walk into a store and be treated as if we were not outsiders was comforting, to eat at local restaurants and be welcomed and joined as if we had lived there our whole lives was inspirational, and to be taken in and taught about what makes Atchison tick was outstanding.

    Our hope is to celebrate and enhance the unique qualities in the communities we visit and connect them to a larger audience. In this process we aim to facilitate creative solutions and innovations, create new commerce locally and in key markets around the world, and build stronger relationships in that place all of us call home. In Atchison, we believe that we were able to find such a place.

    For those of you that are about to join our adventure, we hope that we are able to help you create the change you feel you need in your life and community to love where you are; for those of you from the Atchison community that truly made our visit to your area more than fantastic, our gratitude and appreciation is so deep that all we can say is thank you for everything. We truly love your little place within this world!

    The Immersion Connection Team

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    • Steven Hassan says...

      I have spent my entire adult life traveling around the globe. In each and every instance, no matter what country I was in, I found all of us in this world are the same. We all want jobs, we all want families, we all want a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs, and cloths on our backs. Human beings can be incredibly loving, generous, and resourceful. I have had the pleasure of enjoying a weekend or two with families who, by our standards, have nothing to call their own, but are still happy. I have seen people assist total strangers by taking time out of their day to guide a lost soul to their destination, without expecting anything in return. Most of the problems in this world would not exist if we just remember the greatest pleasure in life is to learn or experience something new.

      February 24, 2017

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